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About Pooja

Pooja has been conducting powerful empowerment and transformational workshops where individuals learn to cure their physical, mental and emotional disorders.  They heal themselves and also guide them in manifesting and creating a life they want to live.

We deliver integrative & customized workshops whereby we teach the science of healing the human body using the power of nature in and around us. The program is structured around clinically proven techniques that results in both tangible and intangible benefits.

Why aren’t you smiling?

From the sunshine that kisses your face as you wake up to the stars that pray for all your dreams to come true as you go to sleep, there are uncountable blessings your life has offered you, so why not smile? Just a simple smile is enough to brighten up your daily routines to feel a positive vibe radiating through your soul and most importantly to see an even more beautiful one on the faces of your loved ones.

In today’s world, pressure stress and anxiety have so deeply chained our mind that we begin to think that the life we our leading is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with our thinking order. All these things have decayed the importance and pleasure of smiling into oblivion. Smiling causes our brain to release endorphins into our nervous system. These endorphins are pleasure hormones that neutralize the stress hormones into our body and elevate our happiness. By reducing the circulation of stress hormones in our body, we also lower our blood pleasure and relax the tension on our heart.

Further it’s not always necessary for the smile to occur directly from the ecstatic state of heart. Just like a single ray of sun is enough to clear the cloudy sky, even fake smiling creates the same biological release of endorphins. In particular, the Dunchenne smile, where happiness and positivity pulps through your facial expression as your lips spread their wings high meeting the eyes on the horizon just like the sea meets the sky, proves to release the maximum amount of pleasure hormones.

Social Benefits

  1. Smiling leads to laughter – The twinkling of all stress begins with a spark, similarly all laughs begin with a simple smile. So, if something funny occurs the person who was already smiling is far more likely to laugh than the person who was frowning.
  2. Smiling can advance our careers – The most important feature one can see on any successful person’s face is a beautiful smile. As they hustle to rise and conquer all boundaries, their smile inspires others to explore what they hold beneath.
  3. Smile makes us approachable – A smiling face is just like a warm and friendly hug. Not only does it make us look beautiful but also acts as a reflection of our personality dedication and determination.
  4. Smiling can attract new people into our orbit – Whether we are looking to meet new friends or we are single and looking for a relationship. A simple smile shared between two people is all it takes to start a conversation. And that conversation could turn into a life-long friendship or relationship.
  5. Smiling creates more smiles – Sunshine reaches even the darkest corners and so does a smile, people cannot help but get distracted from their negative thoughts and smile back at the person who is trying to lighten up their day with his or her inner radiance.

A photograph that captures a momentary smile becomes memorable for life, imagine if we smile throughout this beautiful journey we were born to explore. So, discover your lost smile with our smile healer Pooja Anand.