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MUDRA’s heals and helps to overcome various dimensions of Life sufferings. When applied to Body, it becomes BODY MUDRA; when applied to Hands it becomes HAND MUDRA; when applied to ARMS, it is ARM MUDRA and when applied to various ORGANS it is ORGAN MUDRA.

In MUDRA Healings our Hands plays a vital role, since it has the highest potential to harmonies the root cause and to activate the latent Smile Consciousness. The Idols of our divinity, in their postures signifies various Mudras, which were very much prevalent in the ‘Vedic Era’ and now these are again evolved as an ‘UPGRADED MEDICINE’ through ‘Smile Consciousness’.

Mudras works on energy system of our body, thereby eliminating the blockages. Research has shown that many different points on fingers,  thumb and palm which when touched together correctly and with proper direction, they complete a circuit of energy.  This circuit remove the blockage in the path of energy, thereby resulting into healings.  In these processes no medicine are being used and these healing techniques are 100% safe.

In our day to day life we come across so many people suffering from various diseases and ailments.  And if you notice closely these peoples are also sufferings from various emotional imbalances. Hence you will realize that, these suffering have come in their lives so as to upgrade their souls through various healing techniques.

Let’s consider various causes of ‘FREQUENT HEADACHES’:-

  • Change in Food Timings.
  • Lack of Sleep.
  • Exposure to Sun.
  • Side Effects of Medicine.
  • Some Injury.
  • Brain Tumor.
  • Office Stresses.
  • Family issues.

As the root cause is different in all the cases above, so we cannot have One Mudra for all of them. Hence each person could get a different Mudra to heal the ailment.

In Healings, ‘Mudra’ works on the cause  of Suffering as well as effects on life like the Psychological effects, effects on Body,  effects on various organ systems etc.  20% of these causes for sufferings are due to Stress, Food, Posture, Environment, Genetics etc and 80% of the time we find that the root cause in ‘OUR LIFE’, ie. Our   Personal Life (Education, Job, Business), Our Social Life (Banks, government organization,etc), Our Family Life (Relationships, Family Finances, Property Matters, etc).  And all these issues lead to blockages in our body resulting in imbalance of energies which in turn are addressed as various  diseases.

We can see the instant effect on these  closed circuit. Hence these mudras are like dose of medicine to be used as per prescription daily. And these need to be changed with the progress of healing. Research has also shown that if these mudras are done with awareness and SMILE the effect is faster.

SMILE HEALING Mudras are miraculous and super effective. You have to experience it to believe it. Come and join us in the journey towards self-healing…