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Mrs Pooja Anand is a Certified Lecturer and Member of International Sujok Association. She has mastery in Korean Therapy: Sujok & Smile  Tai Chi; invented in last quarter of the twentieth century by Prof Park Jae Woo (an eminent Korean Philosopher and Scientist). She is an HR Professional from Symbiosis (Pune), B.Ed from Pune University and has spearheaded various Welfare Projects and Team Building & Personality Development Workshops.

Her journey as a healer began from illness to wellness. She had a cardiac arrest at the age of 33, and alternative medicines along with meditation helped her get back her contagions smile.

Since then she is on a mission to spread awareness of the Miraculous Power of Self-Healing using the auto repair system in our body and the Magic of Smile, she has touched the lives of over 2000 patients.

As an active practitioner, Pooja heals people using Seeds, Colours, Magnets, Meditation, Mantras, Mudras, Healing Numbers, Switch Words and Acupressure Techniques. Devoted towards creating a better life, she has got exceptional results in healing cervical spondylitis, lumbar pains, joint pains, vertigo, weak eyesight, arthritis, digestive issues, constipation, diabetes, cold, cough & fever, chronic asthma, migraine and much more. Fostering Emotional Healing, our smile healer has inspired people and helped them get rid of fear, anxiety, sadness, anger and depression.

She is known for her magical touch and her healings due to which she has patients from not only India but abroad also. Her video sessions for treatments are also very effective.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Pooja believes that “What We Think, We Become”. She excels in Mind

Training Programs, Inspirational Lectures & Result Oriented Workshops in Corporates, Educational Institutes & Communities.  She also helps people untangle themselves through Zentangle. Zentangle is Mindfullness art, Yoga for Mind.

She also practices Crystal Healing, Energy clearing through Dowsing sessions and help people perform better an help them clear their blockages.

Her Unique Programs help the participants bring back inner calmness with a smile through Meditation. Powerful Mantras along with cosmic energies are used to “heal and release the burden”. She helps people heal themselves and helps them connect with the universe by using the powerful energies on the Full Moon and New Moon.

Associated with many NGOs and De-Addiction Centre’s, she has been assisting rehabilitation centres to help the inmates see the light in themselves through smile healings, meditation, and mantras.

She has also been instrumental in conceptualizing and running a Pre-School Happy Kids in far flung area of Central Assam. Thereby, touching the hearts of little ones and contributing towards shaping young minds for a “Brighter and Smiling India”.

Pooja has been associated with Indo German Natural Health Centre and Abhi Bindu: The Meeting Point in New Delhi. She has consistently been recognised for her Resolve, Commitment and Relentless Hard Work towards Healing the Mankind with a Smile.